Brad Young

Astronomical League Platinum Level Observer


My Focus

I have been an amateur astronomer since 1980. My interest has run the gamut throughout the years, exploring everything this hobby has to offer. My focus now is citizen science via remote imaging and visual astronomy at the edge.


What I Do

Celebration of Our Universe and Using Science to Help People

Citizen Science

International Asteroid Search Committee
Target Asteroids
AAVSO Variable Star Photometry
Extragalactic Novae Photometry and Search

Exploring the universe with others to determine threats from Near Earth Objects, asteroids suitable for exploration, and the behavior of stars through persistent monitoring and crowd sourcing.

Satellite Tracking

Tracking Uncatalogued Debris (ISON)
PPAS (Photometric Periods of Artificial Satellites

Independent tracking of satellites and debris for the purpose of space sustainability and transparency of use.

Deep Sky Visual Astronomy

NGC (New General Catalog) Project
Astronomical League Platinum Level Observer

Visual astronomy has been my primary hobby for 41 years. It is my peace, and my drive

Registered Professional Chemical Engineer

30+ years as EPC contractor and with Operators in polymers, basic chemicals, oil and gas (Exploration and Midstream)

Open to contract or full-time employment with the right fit. Contact me to find out how I can help today.


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